Rays Engineering «Time Attack» their own rims TE37 Saga

Last year a cool line of Time Attack mega popular ZE40 drives from Volk Racing was released! Very attractive combination of black and red colors, the success of which was guaranteed!

The guys from Rays Engineering decided not to stop there and prepared for you a version of the Time Attack of their TE37 Saga discs! Recall that TE37 Saga received a number of technological updates, such as processing, which significantly reduces the chance of a tire ripping off the rim. And the newest technology of painting Volk REDOT discs will give Matte Black simple color chic and saturation.

Sizes: 17 “and 18” (correspond to many JDM applications)

The lightest TE37 Saga wheels are made in Japan. They go a long way from the blank to the stylish lightweight disc. Subjected to high temperatures and pressure to take the desired shape. Modern machines with incredible precision give the future TE37 Saga drive the perfect shape!

Do not give up the opportunity to indulge yourself with brand new stylish discs from Rays Engineering!

GTRS4 Wide Body Edition от Vorsteiner для BMW F82 M4
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