World Radi-CAL II big brake kit

World Radi-CAL II big brake kits. These kits feature the aggressive look and style that
is desired by racers and enthusiasts alike. The AP Racing focus on brake engineering and design has created a rich history across many forms of
motorsports throughout the world. Following the success of the first generation Radi-CALTM brake systems, the new Radi-CAL II kits incorporate
patented design and technology in both 4- and 6-piston configurations, which allow drivers to experience superior braking performance.
The World Radi-CAL II features a pressure-forged aluminum body that results in a stronger and lighter caliper when compared to similar compe-
tition. The integrated stiffening bridge is superior to anything on the market today, as it ties into the caliper vertically and horizontally, creating an
incredibly rigid structure. The asymmetrical design of the bridge allows for quick pad changes while the caliper remains in place on the vehicle.
Additional benefits of this caliper design include improved pedal feel and modulation, as well as immediate braking action to ensure safety and
durability on all road-registered vehicles.
In order to protect the pistons and bores from harmful debris, each caliper is fitted with dust seals and boots. The high-temperature seals help to
minimize brake pad drag and ensure longer component life and safe operation under all conditions.
All calipers in our World Radi-CAL II big brake kits are finished in your choice of red or black anti-corrosion paint and include premium noise
abatement hardware.
All of these features combine to represent state-of-the-art braking technology.

Why AP Racing World Radi-CAL 2?

• Forged aluminum calipers feature patented asymmetrical design
• Available in 4- and 6-piston configurations
• Integrated aluminum bridge is forged to increase stiffness and allow for quick
pad changes
• Sequentially-sized aluminum alloy pistons promote even pad wear and better
brake modulation
• High temperature double sealed pistons with fitted dust boot
• 150g Lighter and 33% more rigid than 6-piston World Radi-CAL I caliper
• 100g Lighter and 28% more rigid than 4-piston World Radi-CAL I caliper
• Fits many 18” and up wheels (370mm rotor applications)
• Engineered for compatibility with OEM brake master cylinder and ABS System
• High-quality Red or Black anti-corrosion finish
• Unique QR code is built into each caliper for authenticity validation
• 2-piece floating front J-Hook rotors, 370mm x 36mm (14.5” x 1.4”) or 390mm x
36mm (15.4” x 1.4”)
• 2-piece floating rear J-Hook rotors, 360mm x 28mm (14.2” x 1.1”) or 380mm x
28mm (15” x 1.1”)
• CNC-machined brackets and hats using 6061-T6 billet aluminum
• Performance street brake pads included – Other compounds available
• Oversized pad contact area increases performance and longevity
• DOT-compliant stainless-steel braided brake lines
• Tested and passed the toughest standards in the industry
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