Vorsteiner V-FF 110

In the wheel industry, Vorsteiner is one of the biggest names around. They’re best known for innovative designs that are often imitated by other companies. Of course, to stay in the lead in any market, you cannot remain static. Vorsteiner is always bringing new designs or new fitments to market, and now their latest wheel, V-FF 110, is available to the public0. The 110 is a particularly sharp and pointed design that bridges the gap between Vorsteiner’s curved designs. This rounded design is ideal for the sharper lines and chiseled chins on specific vehicles, rather than the softer and more elegant edges on others.

Of course, the flow forged construction greatly improves strength, without adding weight and without adding significant cost. Sure, it’s not as strong as a forged wheel, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever need the strength of a forged wheel. With a simple split five-spoke design, the 110 is nice and simple. The V-FF 110 is only available in 20” size with fitments for various Audi, BMW, and Mercedes vehicle, plus the R35 GTR. Be sure to check out the photos below and contact us to get a set!
Fitment for:

  • Audi B8 A5/S5/RS5
  • Audi B9 A5/S5/RS5
  • Audi C7 A6/S6
  • Audi 1st gen Q5/SQ5
  • BMW F87 M2
  • BMW F8X M3/M4
  • BMW F10 M5
  • BMW G30 5-Series
  • Mercedes W212 E-Class and E63
  • Mercedes W213 E-Class and E63
  • Nissan R35 GTR
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