STARTECH for Range Rover Sport 2018

Retrofit of the STARTECH for the Range Rover Sport 2018.

Front bumper
LW-220-00 STARTECH PUR R-RIM front bumper skirt – € 1.166.20
LW-220-30 STARTECH PUR R-RIM front bumper skirt, gloss carbon spoiler – € 2.713.20

Rear bumper
LW-420-00 / -S STARTECH PUR-R-RIM rear bumper with integrated silver or black exhaust tailpipes in the F1 design,
– not for cars with a towbar – € 3.510.50
– for cars with towbars – 3.629,50 €

Expansion kit
LW-520-00 STARTECH WIDEBODY KIT expansion kit PUR R-RIM, consists of 16 elements, in combination with the rear bumper STARTECH – € 2.320.50
or LW-520-20 STARTECH WIDEBODY KIT in combination with factory bumpers.

Interior details
LG-350-00 / -RT STARTECH stainless-steel front-door lining with red or blue backlight. Price: 690,20 €
LG-350-20 / -RT STARTECH stainless steel rear door trims with blue or red backlight. Price: 521,22 €
LG-819-00 STARTECH aluminum pedals with the logo STARTECH Price: € 181.00
LG-819-01 STARTECH aluminum foot pad with STARTECH logo Price: 178,50 €

Wheel disks
1R5-002-40 STARTECH Monostar R 10J x22 “- black with polished knitting needles. Price: 940.00 € / for 1 disc
1R5-002-40-SI STARTECH Monostar R 10J x22 “- silver with polished knitting needles Price: 940.00 € / for 1 disc
1S5-103-30 STARTECH Disk Monostar S 11J x23 “-wooden-, color” Titan “- Only in combination with Widebody-kit – Not for cars with the 3rd row of seats Price: 2.320.50 € / for 1 disk
1M5-002-40 STARTECH Disk Monostar M 10Jх22 “black – Optional hub cap: silver, blue, red or black, please specify when ordering Price: 1.166.20 € / for 1 disk

Exhaust system
– LG-650-10 STARTECH SoundXtra Sound Converter to V6 and V8 for diesel cars. Price: 1.773,10 €
– LW-670-30 STARTECH Valve Sport Exhaust System for V8 5.0 l SC. Not for SVR.

Price: 4.998,00 €



-LG-008-20 STARTECH Auto Suspension Module.
STARTECH module for standard air suspension. When driving on the road, the car is lowered by about 25 mm .. In off-road conditions and for easy entry and exit, the car remains at a standard height.
– Price: 1.178,10 €

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