Refueling air conditioners

Top Level motorsport tuning shop can offer you the whole range of services for maintenance or repair of air conditioning and climate control. We have everything: units and units, spare parts and accessories, freons and other liquids, special stands, equipment and tools for maintenance and repair of the air conditioning and climate control. To determine visually the cause of the malfunction is very difficult. Specialists of the Top Level motorsport tuning service will service and carry out diagnostics of the auto-conditioners on a special stand, measure the system parameters and determine the cause of the failure: broken condensation, insufficient compression, debris, condenser contamination. Ultraviolet diagnostics shows the integrity of the system and the circulation of Freon under pressure, because a minor violation of the pipes will lead to a depressurization of the system. Professional diagnostics shows what kind of car conditioner repair is needed. Also, at Top Level motorsport tuning shop, we detect a violation of the integrity of the radiator and compressor. Repair of the air conditioner radiator is a process that requires professional skills, tools and materials. For this we use TIG welding. The most common procedure performed at tuning studio Top Level motorsport – is refueling of air conditioner: add the right amount of Freon, remove the dirty air and refill the conditioning circuit. The polluted air conditioner works on wear and will lead to frequent trips to the service center, therefore scheduled car repair is a necessity. Professional repair, cleaning and refueling of the car conditioner freon, you can always make the Top Level motorsport tuning studio.

Specialists of the Top Level motorsport tuning studio provide the service of diagnostics, refueling and repair of car air conditioners:

  • diagnostics of auto-conditioner;
  • checking the car air conditioner for leaks;
  • car A/C refueling;
  • car A/C repair;
  • installation of air conditioner;
  • disinfection of the car air conditioner and car interior;
  • repair of a car air conditioning compressor;

The advantages of refueling an auto-conditioner in tuning atelier Top Level motorsport:

  • qualified specialists;
  • use of professional equipment;
  • quality control of work performed;
  • attention to detail;
  • guarantee for work;
  • fair prices;
  • repair in the agreed time;
  • urgent refueling and repair of auto conditioner;

If you need to diagnose, refuel or repair the car’s auto air conditioner, just dial us: + 38-067-446-37-37.