Motorsport Team

Top Level motorsport team was founded in 2013. There are currently 7 pilots in the Top Level motorsport team (2017). All pilots of the team take prizes in all the championships in which they participate. All the equipment of the team is professionally prepared for participation in the ring races and time attack. Team cars: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8, Subaru WRX STI. For 4 years the pilots of the team took part in competitions in the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Europe.

For all competitions pilots of the team go with technical support (mechanics), in most cases on the tests of the car before the competition there is our tuner, which adjusts the car according to the weather, features of the route, etc.
We can immediately answer the question: “How to become a member of the Top Level motorsport team.”

We do not just have a team – we have a family, a friendly Italian family :), with their intrigues, scandals, investigations, with joint rest, with joint plans. We have a director of the team and in most cases we must obey him :).

One of the basic requirements for a member of the team is cheerfulness and a sincere love for motorsport.

The second requirement – the pilot’s car is built and serviced in the tuning studio Top Level motorsport.

Well, the third requirement – the pilot should love the team as his family 🙂

You can still write a lot, but these will only be words. Better we will please you with your victories than with a long text :).

For all questions regarding the team, write to us: