Коврики салона WeatherTech

Who did not have time to prepare the “sleigh” in the summer? Winter is coming! But there is still time to protect your salon from slush and dirt!

WeatherTech is the perfect salon protection from the brutal conditions of the Ukrainian winter!

Over the 25 year history of the company, the reputation of innovation and perfectionism of WeatherTech accessories has developed.

Perfectly repeating floor mats! This accuracy is achieved through digital 3D scanning the floor of the car. The material of the rug has a perfect fit and prevents sliding (there are also additional fasteners), which guarantees your safety in motion.

The perfect accuracy of the relief ensures the safety of the floor from dust and dirt. The material itself is resistant to temperature extremes (retains flexibility and softness for a long time) and has dirt-repellent properties.

Rugs are suitable for both business class cars and SUVs. Clean your cabin not only after official meetings, but also after an excellent hunting / fishing.

Airlift Performance for Audi B9 2016-18 models