INFINITI Q60+Q50 Red Alpha Heat Exchanger

INFINITI Q60+Q50 Red Alpha Heat Exchanger

Regardless of whether you are in a hot climate, enjoy racing trails or accelerate on a long high-speed runway, the Q60 Red Alpha Heat Exchanger will help control the intake temperature and maintain the maximum power of INFINITI regardless of conditions.

Like many modern turbocharged vehicles, INFINITI Q60 + Q50 3.0L uses liquid to cool the intake air through an air-to-water heat exchanger. This is a good cooling method, but it can quickly become the legal robber of the horsepower of your car.

Thanks to the tests, Alpha Performance specialists found that the factory-built INFINITI heat exchanger limits the flow of coolant.

Red Alpha Doubles. Thickness for maximum cooling

When doubling the thickness of the factory core, you get a huge amount of additional cooling by increasing efficiency. The Alpha core and tanks hold 402% more coolant than the stock! That’s 1.5 liters! You get an increased cooling capacity throughout the system by placing an additional coolant. The Alpha Engineering team developed a core with 8 ribs per cm.

For the Alpha Heat Exchanger core, Alpha Performance chose a high-performance, high-quality heat exchanger manufactured in the UK.

The Alpha Performance engineers team has made this heat exchanger not only the most efficient in the market, but also easy to install. Using factory lines, clamps and attachment points, your trusted Top Level Motorsport mechanic will install a new heat exchanger quickly and reliably.

Exclusive advantages:

Double thickness of factory intercooler (22 mm vs. 11 mm)

Aluminum end tanks are designed in CAD

The core and tanks developed in the CFD software, which ensures maximum heat dissipation

High-quality heat exchanger core, manufactured in the UK

402% increase in coolant

The installation does not require cutting or drilling

And of course the cool Alpha logo



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