GTRS4 Wide Body Edition by Vorsteiner for BMW F82 M4

GTRS4 Wide Body Edition from Vorsteiner for BMW F82 M4 is a set of autoclaved prepreg carbon. Aero kit (8 units) from Vorsteiner is designed for those who are looking for something that can turn a BMW M4 into something really exciting that can combine the aggressive appearance of the wide arches with the look of the original body.

Perfectly molded forms from Vorsteiner for a German sports car do not change the spirit of the original design, but complement and improve. No visually protruding rivets or bolts on the body, everything in this package is made of high-quality carbon fiber, which fits easily into the car’s line, and creates an unrivaled appearance.

The Vorsteiner GTRS4 package consists of a whole list of specially designed and designed parts that create one of the most impressive kits available on the market. All parts in this package are made only from materials of the highest quality:

– Front bumper made of carbon, primed for painting with front splitter

– Carbon front fenders, primed for painting

– Carbon skirts

– Aero Rear Bumper made of carbon, primed for painting with carbon fiber diffuser

– Aero Rear Fender Flares, carbon fiber, primed for painting

– VRS GTS 90 mm Stainless steel exhaust kit  – Black Diamond trim

– black velor rugs Vorsteiner

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