G-POWER M5: двухтурбинная ракета с 800 л.с.

1,017 Nm of torque

The M5 F90 is one of the most powerful members of its class. And in order to increase power by 200 hp, G-POWER implemented a combination of software and hardware modifications.

From the electronic side, the M5 F90 receives the proven Performance V3 and Vmax software. Rest assured, G-POWER always cares about engine durability, while increasing performance and provides all the appropriate settings for the safety of the driver and passengers.

According to the hardware of the modification, a turbocharger has been subjected: an optimized case, an enlarged turbine and a compressor wheel. Auto gets a decrease in exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature, while improving air flow.

To 800 hp torque is also increased thanks to optimization from G-POWER specialists, who have achieved a staggering 980 Nm. Thus, the M5 achieves performance values ​​that are known only from supercars: up to 100 km in 2.9 seconds, and a top speed of more than 335 km / h.

In addition to all modifications, G-POWER equipped this “supercar” with a set of well-known forged wheels HURRICANE RR (diameter 21 inches). The classic two-spoke design perfectly underlines the look of the G-POWER M5 sports car. Ultra-lightweight and durable aviation aluminum makes these weight-optimized rims the lightest in its class and thus supports an overall increase in performance characteristics of the G-POWER M5.

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