Dynamometer Mustang Dynamometer AWD-1100 SE

Dynamometer – is a kind of equipment that is used for measuring power and torque, diagnostics, testing, as well as tuning cars and motorcycles in a safe room, without the need to travel to public roads or to closed tracks. This is useful, as in the case of power metering, the performance of which on the road during acceleration with telemetry devices does not give accurate results, or whenever testing up a car on a public roads is unsafe and even dangerous.

Mustang Dynamometer company specialists designed the dyno in such a way that it would be possible to simulate any loads or scenarios of the conditions of road tests.

System of a complex technical and computer equipment allows you to accurately perform measurements taking into account a variety of factors that affect the characteristics of the car during driving, such as frictional forces, air resistance, and so on. This means that you will not need to look for a straight, fairly long section of the road with an ideal surface for tuning or measurements. Everything can be done in the shop on the Top Level motorsport Dyno.

Mustang Dynamometer MD-AWD-1100SE – is the most powerful and technically precise Dyno in Ukraine. Its installation, tuning, and calibration were performed together by Top Level motorsport specialists and Mustang Dynamometer specialists from the United States. Therefore, the results you receive from us are guaranteed by high quality standards.

Mustang Dynamometer MD-AWD-1100 SE allows to:

  • Measure power and torque of any kind street or race cars and also bikes;
  • Perform ECU and engine tuning of the cars and bikes;
  • Simulate real road conditions of driving.
  • Quarter mile passing time measurements.
  • Measure passing acceleration 0-100, 100-200, 200-300 km/h.
  • Analyze any kinds of failures of engine or transmission components.

Max power 2500 h.p. (2WD) 3500 h.p. (4WD)

Max speed 280 km/h (4WD) 360 km/h (2WD)

Max axle weight 4535 kg

Wheel base 1.7-3.4 m


Less than 250 h.p. – 60$
250-400 h.p. – 80$
400-600 h.p. – 100$
600-1000 h.p. – 150$
More than 1000 h.p. – 200$
One hour of dyno running for car tuning – 100$

*prices are converted to the national currency according to the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate at the day of run.

Cost of an additional services, as well as unforeseen circumstances:

– technical breakdown of the dyno – at the discretion of the operator.
– Use of a fire extinguisher – 1000 UAH.
– Extraction of the item that the client dropped into the dyno – 1000 UAH.
– Removal / installation of skirts, splitters, underside protection, suspension adjustment, if due to low ground clearance the car can not be fixed on the dyno – according to the price list of technical works.