3D Wheel alignment

3D Wheel alignment.

This 3D wheel alignment stand contains four Hawkeye ELITE cameras working with compact targets and a professional WinAlign program.

The presented 3D alignment stand unites in itself the newest developments of the company HUNTER Engineering.

WinAlign software is a functional tool for adjusting the angles of vehicle wheels. The program contains the most complete database, which consists of more than 35,000 specifications for various cars.

Adjustment of the corners of the installation of wheels or alignment is quite an important step in the process of operating the car. Adjusting the camber and toe with the correct performance will allow you to get the maximum pleasure from driving. It is very important to make an alignmnet correct, so that your tires perform as long as possible, because If the mechanic makes mistakes or the improper equipment, the corners will be incorrect, which will lead to a deterioration in the controllability of the car and increased wear of the tires.

Employees of the tuning studio Top Level motorsport will professionally make the camber on any sports car: the correct camber, toe in
any motor sport – this is one of the components of victory.

We did our best to ensure that the procedure of the alignment was convenient as possible for the owners of vehicles with low ground clearance: a stance machine on a low air suspension, a ring racing machine, a drifting machine will enter us without problems.

Advantages of our alignment equipment in Top Level motorsport tuning shop:

– measurement of the height of the body landing in automatic mode;
– measurement of the geometry of the body relative to the axles of the car;
– measurement of suspension geometry;
– detection of the subsidence of the springs of each wheel in real time;
– adjustment of the values of the rotation angle sensors (ESP);
– measurement of the symmetry of the car (allows you to measure the displacement and departure of the axles of the car);
– checking the geometry of the body (allows you to determine the need for RUKK and body repair);
– measurement of the inclination angles of the levers, the CV joints and the gearbox of the car using the inclinometer;
– the most modern 3D stand for the procedure of alignment of the car;
– your car is serviced by mechanics with a great deal of experience with usual and sports cars;
– even the lowest car will drive on the Top Level motorsport alignment stand;
– the procedure of alignment is always done with loading, as recommended by the manufacturer.
We have all the programs for adjusting the alignment of the latest models of cars. We also do the adjustment of the camber and toe on the Tesla cars.