Alpha Performance R35 GT-R carbon fiber intake manifold from AMS

18 nozzles on R35 GT-R – Easy!
The original Alpha Performance R35 GT-R carbon fiber intake manifold from AMS delivers maximum performance and efficiency. AMS uses 18 Injector Dynamics injectors (not included) in the manifold, which, by the way, is award winning design! When creating AMS, we paid attention to every detail! It is worth noting that it looks perfect under the hood GT-R!

The most productive intake manifold VR38 on the market.
Compared to the market-leading die-cast aluminum intake manifold, this model produces more HP. and nm torque!
Each collector is adjusted to its upper and lower working part, to maintain an ideal air flow.

Strictly verified!
This intake manifold with the highest level of durability and reliability! AMS teamed up with an expert in the field. Using epoxy resins for airplanes and carbon fiber lamination methods, a manifold was created that complies with the tensile strengths of the main components used in the aerospace industry. Then AMS conducted cyclical tests that guarantee more than 20 years of operation to the owners of the GT-R! Also, a burst test was performed when the test collector was subjected to a pressure of more than 150 pounds per square inch! Awesome!
And yet, you can choose an anodized finish color and add an original touch under the hood of the GT-R!

Exclusive benefits

The winner in the design championship, as well as the version with 12 injectors
Ability to use 18 nozzles (not included)
The most efficient VR38 intake manifold on the market
30% lighter than cast-intake manifold on the market
The upper and lower parts are joined on the keys, which ensures a perfect fit.
MAP pressure sensors
Additional vacuum ports on receivers

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