Airlift Performance for Audi B9 2016-18 models

New suspension kits of the Performance series from Airliftperformance: 2 front kits (53 mm and 48.5 mm) and rear kits (with shock absorbers and without shock absorbers) for 2016-18 Audi B9 models.

The front provides you with an understatement of 126 mm, and the rear – at 161 mm.

48.5 mm front set:
2016 – A4 / S4 Quattro Sedan and Avant

53 mm front set:
2017-18 – A4 / S4 Quattro Sedan and Avant
2017-18 – Allroad
2018 – RS4 Quattro
2017-18 – A5 / S5 Coupe, Sportback & Cabriolet
2017-18 – RS5 Coupe

Airliftperformance offers 30 levels of suspension stiffness adjustment, for every taste and every need. Come into a turn with a minimum roll!

Airliftperformance strives for maximum versatility, eliminating the classic problems of understated cars, for example, with just one touch of a button, which gives you the opportunity to understate it by 126 mm on the go.

To ensure the durability of the kit, all key components of the suspension were tested on the Airlipperformance hydraulic test unit for more than one million cycles and then tested at extreme temperatures from -30oF to 150o F.

TopLevelMotorsport specialists will install and configure kits from Airliftperformance in a matter of hours.

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