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While Whipple broke many records with its supercharger system for the Mustang S550, holding the title of the most powerful, most advanced supercharger system, we were still not satisfied with the result and decided to build a new supercharger from scratch. Incredible results speak for themselves, the supercharger system of the Stage 2 pumps out 850 hp. and 895 Nm of torque on the 98th gasoline! Stage 2 has an additional 300 rpm to the red line, a high-performance fuel pump, a 132-mm throttle body.

The new injection system of the 5th generation is equipped with 3.0 liters. screw supercharger. Not to be confused with Gen 3 or 4, this new supercharger has excellent efficiency from idling to the red line. All new bearings, gears, rotors and casing allow the new supercharger to spin faster, longer and safer, producing more power than any other supercharger. The 5th-generation supercharger is equipped with a new combination of 3/4 rotors against the previous spiral 3/5, 285 degrees against the previous 270 degrees, a new housing inlet, an optimized reset port, an increased diameter and a length for higher efficiency.

In 2018, a patented three-level intercooler design, which has an even larger volume and surface area than the massive Whipple Cooler.
With years of experience, Whipple engineers have developed a unique PCM calibration (power control module) that reconfigures all the necessary engine functions, including fuel, ignition, knock control, torque control, transmission control and electronic throttle control. If the parameter drops below the specification, the ECU will lower power and torque until the problem is resolved. No other calibration has such a technology that makes the Whipple SC system incredibly reliable. Each Whipple kit comes with a unique software and flash drive OBDII, which gives the customer the ability to update as needed.

Each Whipple system comes with an IAT2 harness and a sensor to control the delta between incoming air and compressed air after the intercooler, helping to maximize power in all conditions. The 6-riveting tensioning system is equipped with a tensioner with a spring, tension rollers and a lightweight supercharger pulley. The 6-lobe can be easily upgraded to a 10-rivulet one with an additional 10-rivule system. Each system is equipped with an adjustable intermediate pulley, allowing you to vary the pulleys of the compressor with minimal changes in the length of the belt. The massive 150 mm Roval intake allows almost any throttle body, 80 mm stem, 132 mm or 150 mm throttle body to be used.

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